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Notes on Craft Ale Brewing

This 64 page book is packed with details on the essential elements of craft brewing theory, practical advice and an abundance of useful information in a handy pocket size format. It is not a "how to brew ale" book nor is it meant to be read cover to cover in one sitting. It's designed to provide some small measure of technical knowledge to back up practical experience for those already brewing whether commercially or at home.

It's great for quick reference so keep it in the brewery or next to your brew kit.

Some reviews from those who have already read it:

"He covers liqour treatment and the knotty problem of alkalinity particularly proficiently as he explains malt analysis, mashing conditions and hop utilisation. The book could have done with more subheadings......Nevertheless a most useful little book."

Review by Mark Eaton Park, Brewer & Distiller International Magazine August 2013

"A good read"

Don Jeffrey, Master Brewer, S.A. Brain & Co Ltd

"It contains exactly what prospective and new (and some existing) members of the craft brewing fraternity need to know. Very concisely put (essential)......"

Dr. I. S. Hornsey, author, founding partner
and former Head Brewer of Nethergate Brewery, Essex.

" I'm really impressed that you've had the time & energy to put it all together in what is a really handy, quick reference guide - good to keep in the brewery at all times. However, I haven't kept my copy in the brewery, it's been travelling around with me everywhere!"

Hayley Barton, Head Brewer and CAMRA GBBF National Award Winner, Cumbrian Legendary Ales.

"You said that it was not your intention that it should be read “cover to cover”, that is precisely what I have done as I didn’t want to miss anything. I can honestly say that it is the best brewing book on my bookshelf.

Whilst I have been making “beer” for about 40 years, my real brewing knowledge has been acquired over the past ten, or so years. Unlike you, my knowledge has been accumulated piece-meal with no underlying, scientific “thread” and as such, has had many gaps. Your book has filled in many of these gaps and connected other half-learned areas. I now feel that  I have a “grip” on the process and am now in control.

Of particular value are your nuggets of advice, based on your experiences as a professional brewer. Anyone ignoring this advice is surely doing so out of ignorance (and I can confirm, many small brewers have scant knowledge and produce their beers “on a wing and a prayer”).

I, and the other craft brewers in East Anglia, are profoundly grateful for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us and for your patience when sampling our brewing efforts and look forward to your next publication."

Roger Yates, Anglian Craft Brewers

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