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Puttiing Cellar & Bar into hibernation

Some tips for shutting down and keeping cellar equipment & premises safe

during Coronavirus shutdown


Might be worth checking that your insurance will cover the property being left unattended for any length of time. Check locks and alarm integrity: Test alarm. 

Remove all valuable items including spirits, electronic payment systems etc.

Deep clean all fridges, glass washers and kitchen areas thoroughly. Leave glass washer and fridge doors open. Keep freezers running, if necessary, but check all use by dates on stored food items regularly and dispose of as required.

Clean all toilets and public areas thoroughly

Ensure that suitable pest control measures are in place throughout the premises. These must be checked regularly.

Assess all areas for risk of fire, flood, possible break in etc. Test Fire Alarm/Smoke Detectors

Cellar and Bar

Clean/renovate all glassware. Store if possible.

Clean and sanitise all back of bar accessories such as ice buckets, scoops etc.

Speak to your tech services supplier about cellar equipment, such as coolers, and especially for dispense systems such as Heinekenís Smart system.

Try and agree a policy with your beer suppliers regarding unsold beer stock.

In general cellar coolers can be switched off without a problem. However, cellars must be ventilated regularly and checked for build up of mould, damp, musty odours. However, if storing beer in cellar, cask ale in particularly leave coolers on. 

Clean all lines, connectors, extractors, Cask Widge kit, filters and taps thoroughly. Flush through and fill lines with a proprietary line protector such as Proton Guardian: https://proton-direct.co.uk/product/guardian-beer-line-protector-2-5kg/ DON'T LEAVE BEER, WATER OR LINE CLEANER IN LINES! 

It is safe, generally to turn off remote coolers for beer lines. However, adding an inhibitor tablet, for limescale and bacteria, to water cooled systems and circulate thoroughly before shutting them down would be advisable.

Turn off all gas supplies at all points. Ensure that cylinders are secured upright or laying down and chocked.

Turn off and drain all ice-machines. Deep clean and leave open.

Clean all cellar floors, drains and sumps.

Clean all post-mix lines and systems.

NB. This information is given in good faith from current best practice and is for general guidance only. Learn2Brew Ltd accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or incorrect advice herein.